FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your cleaning products harmful to children or pets? 

A: Not at all! Like most cleaning products, they should never be swallowed. We strive to use the most green processes that don't leave a harsh smell and our sealers are water based.

Q: Can I change my grout colour? 
A. Yes. Our colour sealing process allows you to change grout from light to dark or dark to light with plenty of colours and shades to choose from!

Q: How long will the Colour Sealing take? 
A. Colour Sealing Protection can usually be applied in 1-2+ hours depending on the size of the work area.

Q: How long does Colour Sealing take to dry? 
A. The floor is ready for light foot traffic in just 2 hours. 

Q: What is the curing time for Colour Seal? 
A. The Colour Seal will cure over a 30 day period. Try to keep the grout dry for at least 7 days after cleaning.

Q: How long does the Colour Seal last? 
A. If the tile and grout are maintained properly, the protection will typically last 6-8 years.

Q: How long does Clear Sealing Protection last? 
A. If Tile and Grout are maintained properly, the protection will typically last 3 years.

Q: How should I maintain my ceramic tile? 
A. Ceramic tile should be maintained using a neutral PH tile and grout cleaner. Harsh cleaners like bleach, ammonia and vinegar should be avoided and can damage grout. Please ask us about out maintenance program!

Q: What is the warranty? 
A. We guarantee all of our work for 1 year against defects in materials and craftsmanship.